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What's going to happen in Star Wars VII?

If George Lucas can be believed at all, and Anakin Skywalker is truly the main protagonist of all the Star Wars movies, the new Star Wars VII must be about conquering both the light and the dark. Back in the early 90s, before there were a dozen new Star Wars books a month, I believe this series from Dark Horse Comics came the closest. If Luke, or Leia, or the progeny of the Skywalker line, whoever it may be, is the "chosen one," then Anakin already tried and failed. That's why I don't like the prequel trilogy that much. It needed to set Anakin up to go to the Dark Side just a little, just a bit to get a tad more power to try to beat some greater evil. He needed to lose, yes. Then he falls to the Dark Side, loses to Kenobi, and becomes Darth Vader. Luke, in order to beat a stronger evil, such as the reincarnated clone of Emperor Palpatine in this Dark Horse series, Dark Empire. Luke, though, is able to conquer both sides and win, eradicating the evil and beating th

Pinterest board best of My Pinterest board dedicated to one of my childhood loves, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe made a "best of" list. From Mental Floss, they logged some boards dedicated to childhood toys. Mine apparently stands out from other He-Man boards. It sticks mainly to classic figures. I loved those figures.

Robbing banks with a flying sundial

One comic book conundrum that has never sat right with me is how these costumed super villains made astounding inventions and then just used them to rob banks. If I could make an anti-gravity platform, I could sell it. Either privately or publicly, to the military or mass produce them, I think this would net more money, legally, than robbing one or two banks! Comic books never really said these guys were smart, but they would realize selling a product could get them more power in the end. But that's early comic books for you.