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Something new I noticed in Patrick McGoohan's The Prisoner

I've watched all these episodes dozens of times and it is great when I see something new. This masterpiece, like great literature, keeps on giving if the viewer keeps digging. Watching for class lately three episodes, I noticed a little tidbit. When you watch an episode three times in one day, you see new things. (I have to show it for three sections.) I saw some parallel s with #6's piped jacket. "The Schizoid Man" has the obvious parallel with the black jacket versus the white-jacketed imposter. Sometimes I think they produced it with the two different colors just for the audience's sake to keep track. But there has to be something more. Then "Checkmate" and I can't believe I never saw this before. The chess champion is wearing just about the same suit as #6. He is defiant against authority and has apparently never given up. Is this a little glimpse at #6's future? Is this what #6 will become if there is never a climax? In "A Change of