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The Prisoner is like Star Wars' Luke vs. Vader

A quick thought about the fencing scene in the episode of The Prisoner entitled "Once Upon A Time." Clearly, #2 is trying to make #6 step over the threshold and become #2, to become him. #2 is so deep into that "dark side" of thinking that he doesn't even need someone, a #1, to push him. This is exactly like the final lightsaber duels with Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Vader in Empire wants to turn Luke to his side, as a resource to be used and not wasted. If Luke strikes Vader down in Jedi, the Emperor clearly knows that Luke will take Vader's place at his side. Vader almost even realizes this at the end. And like McKern's #2, has to "die" in order to be reborn back into the light. Wow.