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Babylon 5 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Path:!!faqserv From: (Babylon 5 FAQ) Newsgroups:,,,alt.answers,rec.answers,news.answers Subject: Babylon 5 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Supersedes: <tv/> Followup-To: Date: 19 Dec 1994 11:10:18 GMT Organization: Babylon 5 Psi Council Lines: 1150 Approved: Expires: 15 Jan 1995 11:09:15 GMT Message-ID: <tv/> Reply-To: NNTP-Posting-Host: Summary: This posting contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and their          answers) about the television series, _Babylon 5_. It should be read          by anyone who wishes to post to the groups,, or, regarding the show. X-Last-Updated: 1994/12/01 Originator: faq

Black Adder Series 1, Episode 2 - Script

Black Adder Series 1, Episode 2 - Script Black Adder, Episode 2: "Born to Be King" Caption: In 1486, the second year of Richard IV's historic reign and also          the year in which the egg replaced the worm as the lowest form of          currency, King Richard departed England on a Crusade against the          Turks. King: As the good Lord said: "Love thy neighbour as thyself, unless he's       Turkish, in which case, kill the bastard!" Caption: He left behind him his beloved son Prince Harry to          rule as Regent in his stead.  (Harry looks as though he doesn't          quite remember the line about thy neighbour in those words.) King: Farewell, dear Harry. Harry: Farewell, Father. Caption: ...and his slimy son Edmund to do the tasks most befitting him. King: Edward...  (rides off) Baldrick: My Lord, with the King gone... Edmund: Hmmm? Of course! At last, a chance for some real power! (laughs in         his ridiculous