TEX MEX LASAGNA

 1/2     cup     chopped onion

 1       Tbl     chopped garlic

 1       cup     chopped cilantro leaves

 1       tsp     chopped jalapeno

 1/2     cup     olive oil (or less, as needed)

 2       cups    cooked black beans (dried or


 1-1/2   cups    marinara sauce (your own or


 1       cup     chicken stock

 2-1/2   cups    diced, cooked chicken

 1       pound   fresh jalapeno lasagna noodles

                 (if unavailable plain noodles

                 can be substituted. If using

                 dry noodles, cook first)

 1-1/2   cup each:    shredded Monterey Jack

                      and Cheddar cheeses

        Saute onion, garlic, cilantro and jalapeno in oil. Add beans and

cook 5 minutes. Add 1 cup marinara sauce, chicken stock and diced chicken;

cook 10 minutes. Layer with uncooked fresh pasta in this manner:

        Cover bottom of a 13-by 9-by 2-inch dish with 1/4 cup marinara sauce,

add a layer of pasta, than a layer of sauce made from chicken and beans.

Sprinkle half of each cheese over sauce. Repeat layers, ending with

pasta. Top with 1/4 cup marinara sauce and remaining cheese. Bake at

350-deg. for 35 - 45 minutes. Serves 8 to 10

        This dish was served at the 1991 Houston Tastes of the Nation by

Ferrari Fresh Pasta in Houston.